My wonderful hostfamily ♪  Yukiさん

My wonderful hostfamily ♪  Yukiさん


May 3 2012 I’ll never forget the day!!!
Mom, Dad and me.


Basically I had school every day. So, we enjoyed dinner together and talking till we got tired.haha
We sometimes went out for breakfast at a café nearby home, went on a cycling and had a BBQ in the back yard in weekend!!!!

One night, as soon as I get back home, Mom knocks my door and says,
“Can I ask your favor??”
then I say, “Sure! What is that?! ”
Could you please turn off your alarm clock after it works once in the morning??
“…….o…okay…..I’ll try,,,,,” (それができたら誰も苦労しないんですよ。。。笑)
I don’t really have any bad experience with them, while I do have a lot of great experience with them.
At the very first day I met them, they took me to a Japanese restaurant with them to welcome me.
We went on a cycling in a huge park nearby home.
I cannot tell you all the stories I have experienced with them. It is a lot!!
But here is a story I would like to tell you most. After 2months of staying in the homestay, I left Vancouver for Toronto in which I lived for 3months.
Then I came back to Van again. I have actually been in touch with them since I left them.
Then they invited me for dinner before I leave Canada. That was a week ago.
They welcomed me as if I were a member of family. I was so grad we could have a great time together again. Now I have two homes to go back in the world, and I actually like the one in Van better!!haha
For those who are planning to stay in a homestay, I have some tips on it!!
Host family basically let you do whatever you want to make you feel comfortable.
They do not force you to do anything, however there are things which we are not supposed to do as a person for sure.
This means that if you always stay in your room, they might think that is your style.
Then they would probably try to leave you alone as much as they can.
But if you try to spend as much time as possible with them, they are always willing to spend great time with you.
That absolutely helps you make your life in Canada more beautiful as well as improve your English!!!
Most importantly, I strongly recommend you following their culture as much as possible.
They might serve you rice from some country other than Japan, something you do not eat in Japan or you have never seen before.
You still should try to get used to them. You will not spend the rest of your life there.
You are going to temporarily live there under a situation you might feel strange or uncomfortable.
That will be the only chance in your life to experience another culture that you can never go through in Japan.
I can assure you that that will be great memory for sure!!
I hope you will enjoy telling someone about your time you will have spent with your host family including something that you do not want to go through any more!!!haha

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